Eat your heart out!

Food is such a huge part of what we do here at Lunga - hardly surprising given the land and the sea that surrounds us.  We want you and your guests to enjoy every single morsel and have carefully selected our preferred caterers to ensure that their menus offer a real 'taste' of Lunga!
home-made cranberry and pomegranate twiggilollies
pierside hog roast salads and breads

smoked salmon nibbles

duck oat tart canapes

just a little part of a cheese table

It's really important to us that the menu we serve to you and your guests is a delight and we always try to achieve the visual wow factor whenever we can. Our cheese tables and dessert tables are wonderful - we try to reflect the theme of your day and the style of your day (no piddling little plates of cheese triangles in our world!) and the rest of our menus feature food that is wholesome and delicious and hearty and friendly, but most of all seasonal, 100% fresh, and as local as it is possible to be.

vegetarian option coming together

a simple winter table setting

We want your guests to be relaxed around our Lunga tables; we want them to look forward to each course; to learn a bit about where our food has come from and to genuinely know that the food that you so generously organised as part of your wedding celebration was prepared with a lot of love by our Lunga team.

beetroot and radishes - a colourful combination

hearty nibbles

A cake to celebrate the bride's fathers' birthday (are any of those apostrophe's in the right place?)

Buttercream high tea cake

A quiet moment with a book and a cake and a wee cup of tea

Goat's cheese and thyme tartlet

Queenies and watercress mayo with pea shoots

beetroot pate on hot potato scone squares

Didn't mean to frighten you!

So when you're thinking about the food that you would like, let us know what your style is; how you would like your guests to feel; the kind of foods you enjoy. And what your favourite pudding is. 

That's enough to guide us by!