Saturday, 12 February 2011

Gorgeous lovely beautiful day... at Lunga.

Cormac flew into Scotland from America, via Dublin, for a  whistle-stop tour of Lunga. Thankfully,  the sun shone bright and we are delighted that he and Laura are going to me married here this summer. Cormac is Irish, Laura is Scottish, they work in America and we are going to have a lottttt of fun!

Cormac's whistetop tour!

Matt and Lisa came back with their mum's for a second look and are hoping to get married here next year. They are absolutely lovely together and we were able to explore the grounds and the cottage on what felt like a warm spring day (until the sun slid behind a cloud and we were reminded that winter hasn't left these parts just yet!

Matt and Lisa
Then we all had tea and cake. Yaay!

Heart shaped empire biscuits with a cherry on the top!

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