Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's a beautiful day...

The sun has arrived and Lunga is looking fabULOUS. Really. The daffodils are everywhere and we have a buttercup lawn which will disappear once mown, but which looks lovely lovely lovely today.

I've been showing people around and eating cake, which is a very enjoyable way to spend a day. And Alison and Stuart, who are getting married here in October, came back for another wander - this time with their lovely daughter Katie and Katie's 3 month old baby daughter, Ruby. Ruby is such a pretty name.

Alison is pretty well organised - She's booked Lorne MacDougall for the ceilidh in the evening and her wedding cake is being made by the fabulous Oban Chocolate House. Have I mentioned before how much I love their cakes. Proper chocolate. That smells like chocolate. And makes you want to drown in its deliciousness. Yum. Yum. And uber yum!

They have asked me to do their photography for them - their style is very relaxed, which makes me very relaxed. Menus aren't finalised yet, but we have got the sense of the kind of food that they most enjoy. Seasonal. Local. Generous.

It was lovely to see them again, and to get to know their families a little.

Alison and daughter Katie

Daughter Katie with Ruby

Alison and Stuart

Alison and Stuart. In the sun. Wonderful

little Ruby

Daughter Katie

Ruby's lovely little cosy toes

The sun going down

The view from the track up to Lunga today. Really. Truly. Stunning.

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