Thursday, 12 May 2011

A wedding for not a lot of people, perhaps?

One of the lovely things about Lunga is that it is a very flexible little castle. With two wings of 5 rooms each and little cottages dotted around, a Little Lunga Wedding is always as special and as meaningful and as individual as some of the 'more people' weddings we have here.

You can enjoy a wonderful, generous, food for sharing wedding meal in our little dining room, our middle sized dining room, or our big ballroom sized dining room with beautiful twinkling glass chandeliers and a setting sun if you would really like.

Our grounds are beautiful and if the weather is lovely you can get married in the gardens, under trees, or by the pond. The song of the birds is our musical backdrop. Or you can stroll down to the water's edge and get married where the shore laps the land. Or we can light our huge log fires and you could get married inside. 

Our local churches are also beautiful: Kilmartin church set amongst one of Scotland's richest prehistoric landscapes; Ardfern Church, a lovely whitewashed traditional stone church set on the outskirts of the village; Kilbrandon Church on the little Island of Seil and reached via the tiny bridge across the Atlantic. How lovely to get married in one of these little churches and then head back to Lunga for a wedding breakfast for two people. Or ten people. Or twenty people. Or thirty people.

Maybe your Little Lunga Wedding is about bringing two families together, or escaping the world, or second time round. Maybe what's important is that it is just the two of you. Speaking your own voice. What I know for sure is that you will be looked after by lovely Lunga people who really really care about the sense of your celebration and who will do everything they can to make sure that your wedding, regardless of size and regardless of detail, is the one you imagined it to be. 

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